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Madhurmann Online Music Classes

Why Madhur Mann Online ?​

Madhur Mann online music classes are like having a one on one session with Stuti Chandhok! Learn Taranas, Bhajans, Chhota Khayals, Dhrupads and much more, all in 1 year,only for Rs 9000 (approx).Classes accessible from any part of the world at a time convenient to you.

This course is an introduction to Hindustani Classical vocal.

At Madhur Mann we use several techniques including technology to make the subject very child palatable.  Many adults find this course very interesting and gripping too!

The online module is a perfect balance, between keeping tradition alive, and imparting it in the most modern  method. Several traditional pieces are taught within each module eg Chotta Khayaal, Swar Mala, Tarana, Bhajans, Dhrupad Taals so on and so forth.

Games, puzzles and quizzes related to the lesson have been added to making learning extremely interesting


Sessions for 365 days, 24/7 from anywhere anyplace.

For more details please email : seek@madhurmann.com  OR stutichandhok@gmail.com

The online course has been divided for different age groups -

Age Group: 3 - 6 years

Course Duration: 12 Months

Enrolling code: level_3_6

In our module for “3years to 6years” of age our endeavour is to generate a curiosity and hopefully a love for Hindustani Classical Vocal Music.We introduce children to Ragas, Talas, Bhajans, Dhrupads, play music games,vocal exercizes, make percussion instruments learn some theory and sing.

All this will be done with an aim of getting children to understand the relevance and use of this form of music in their own lives.

Age Group: 7 - 10 years

Course Duration: 24 Months

Enrolling code: level_7_10

Children are introduced Hindustani classical music with the aid of technology, music and movement, theatre and puppets and percussion, art and craft. More detailed introduction to Ragas, Talas, Dhrupad,theory are given than the 3 years to 6 years course. This course is also filled with Musical games making the class extremely joyful!

At the end of this course the children will be familiar with 6 different Raags, some Tanas, a little Swar Gyan and differntiate between the Ragas learnt.

Tradition, festivity, mythology and sensitivity are brought alive and laced with music therapy activities to build on children’s personalities.In short children will learn to love and have lots of fun with Hindustani Classical Vocal Music.

Age Group: 9 - 15 years

Course Duration:

Enrolling code: level_senior

Many children of this age group have plenty academic pressure. Taking out travel time or time for music class during exams and other schedules gets challenging. Learning and Practicing with the online module from the comfort of their home at a time convenient to their schedule becomes a very useful tool.

Over and above since the teaching method is through a medium this generation spends so much time on, makes it all the very more interesting!

The aim of this module is –

  1. To awaken the love for the subject
  2. To have very serious and vigorous voice training with the base as Hindustani Classical Vocal training
  3. On the basis of this children children should be able to sing the element of Western Light that they can record and send for feedback