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Stuti on Music Therapy

I am a Clinical Music Therapist and a trained Hindustani Classical vocal singer

I started teaching Hindustani Classical vocal music to children approximately 14 years back. Soon I realized that despite having the aptitude, children seemed to have lost interest in the subject. A lot of my colleagues felt that the wave in society was such, that people were moving away from this form of art and moving towards Western, Light and Bollywood Music.

To me, this answer did not seem good enough. I asked myself, will it take the West to revive Hindustani Classical music like they revived Yoga? I could not sit back complacently!

My passion for the subject, my love for children and the benefits they could receive from this art form, took over. I began to experiment with my methods of teaching.

Creativity, study, research and the determination to connect with children through this medium, showed results

Those days I taught in The Shri Ram School,Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. Children responded beautifully and were eager to learn the subject! The change had to come in the teaching methods, for children, who are exposed to an extremely stimulating environment that did not exist even while we were growing up!
Thus the conception of Madhur Mann, which I founded in 2004. Today over a1000 children, have been trained in music, by me, at my school.

Each one has not only a passion and deep connection for the subject but also all other genres of music.
Many parents of those children who learnt from me, sat through my class and their passion to learn this subject got kindled and in some cases re- ignited since they could connect with renditions so ancient, but they related to it in my class since the telling was in in today’s relevance. Madhur Mann gradually became a favorite for adults and children.

An amalgamation of all my work in an Online Module became imperative as the school grew
To replicate my work, so that, what I had discovered did not die with me, was to move online. I decided to continue my work through a medium that children of this generation are already connected with, computers. They spent so much time on it, that providing them with entertaining, educative and value creating content seemed the right thing to do. This lead to a 4year struggle of research, financial investment, time, software development so on so forth to ensure that the human element remained alive and music learning through this method became affective.

Case Studies

How the children can benefit from the online module

The online module is designed for children 2years to 15 years. The results and response have been phenomenal not only with this age group but with their entire families!

The teaching of music has been proven to improve cognitive thinking, reduce stress and bring out the happy quotient in the human mind. Exercises from the program can build on children’s alertness; confidence levels, creativity sensitivity, and some parents have also reported enhanced results in academic performance.

Hindustani Classical vocal music has the ability to do all this and much more. It is meditative quality is a much needed ingredient in the holistic development of a child, especially in a generation where stress, depression and aggression has become a part of every second home.

Further more this module has kept in mind the different learning needs of a child. So kinetic, visual and audio learners find an instant connect.

The module also benefits children with learning difficulties, ADD, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Autism, Speech delays, stammering and several other conditions that very often go undiagnosed undiscovered, but yet seen in class rooms and homes in children, who are unfortunately labeled as ‘difficult ‘ or ‘slow learners.

I have several case studies to prove that my module has benefited these children.