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About Stuti Chandhok

Stuti Chandhok - the Founder

Stuti has been trained in Hindustani Classical Music right from the age of 6 years. She is also one of India’s First people to be trained as a Clinical Music Therapist and is working with children for the last 16 years. She now runs a chain of music schools, and is associated with numerous music and play schools in Gurgaon and Delhi. She has created a niche for herself in music education, music entertainment for children. She also works with people with special needs aiding and supporting them through music.

Stuti Chandhok has pioneered the concept with innovation and creative techniques, of introducing Hindustani Classical vocal music to children by using puppets, various kinds of mediums like art, movement, percussions and several other props. The interactive musical game that she has constructed based on music therapy gets great responses from children.

Her school Madhur Mann is one of the most popular music schools in Delhi NCR.

My vision is to keep this beautiful art form of Hindustani Classical vocal music alive and teach it to our children in a language that they can understand.

Stuti - the Music Therapist

Stuti Chandhok as a Music Therapist has been able to use music therapy modules to achieve remarkable non music goal with her clients. The results have been clinically verified.

Furthermore Stuti Chandhok used music therapy with the corporate world using music and rhythm as the medium .She has constructed various team building and stress management workshop. Music once again has proven to break down barriers unmask pretenses and create bonds and connections beyond words.

My intention has been to keep the singing simple to understand and reach every home. It will be a therapeutic and educative experience for the entire family making each one a melodious mind- A MADHUR MANN.

Stuti - the Musician

Stuti Chandhok sings for all age groups be it Bhajans, Ghazals, Western Light, Bollywood, fusion, Semi Classical and Hindustani Classical. She also sings for children.

Her CD called LITTLE MASTIZ packed with fun is evidence to prove her love and passion for children. The over whelming response bursts forth each time the songs are performed for the kids .Many families have reported that they find the CD therapeutic and dancing to its tune great family bonding session.