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About Madhur Mann

Madhur Mann which means ‘Melodious Minds' is an Indian based music program introducing children to Hindustani Classical Music.

From a very young age of 3 years, children are introduced to Hindustani Classical music in a way that they not only learn the subject but they love it through all the fun therapeutic techniques.

Research has it that the importance of learning music from a young age cannot be stressed upon enough. Furthermore the benefits of Hindustani Classical music are proven by its meditative and calming effects on the brain.

However Hindustani Classical music is often associated with rigorous and repetitive practice that many children find extremely challenging to cope with and quit. Thereby they are deprived from its benefits

Madhur Mann with it’s team of teachers is a revolution in the field of teaching Hindustani Classical Music.

Experiencing is believing.


At Madhur Mann children learn Indian classical music through the Multiple Intelligence theory of Howard Gardener.

Eight Intelligences Madhur Mann attempts to develop in the child are:


Through thought-provoking lyrics in simple, easy to understand words.


through the counts of rhythm, tala and raga.

Bodily kinesthetic

Through dance movements and interactive performance.


Hindustani and Percussion.


Group musical activities, puppets and other creative media.


Through the meditative, healing quality of music


Introduction to the sounds of nature and their inherent music.


Through visual understanding of concepts, using art (drawings, pictures, etc.